Preparing for your appointment:

  • Arrive with your natural hair free of any braids, tangles, product (disregard if you're booking an extension removal)

  • Your bundles must be freshly washed, blow dried, clear on any tangles, residue, etc. No cut up wefts. Minimum bundles needed is 3. Please consult with me if aren't sure how many bundles you'll need, what type of hair to get and where to purchase. If your bundles have a lot of build up let soak in apple cider vinegar or clean with clarifying shampoo. If your bundles are being colored, drop off is required a week to two weeks prior to appointment. Contact me regarding coloring your bundles before coming in.

  • If you are getting your hair colored the day of appointment, do not wash hair 48 hours prior. Hair must be free of any braids, tangles. Do not scratch scalp. You want there to be a natural protective oil layer on your scalp to act as a barrier against the chemicals in the hair dye.

  • If you have questions or concerns or wish to go through a proper hair care regime, we can go through during appointment. Bring inspiration pics if you have them.

  • Cash or card is accepted, there are no refunds on services performed. You must be an authorized user to use card.

What to expect after appointment:

  • For natural hair care, its is recommend to keep up with your trims every 6-12 weeks, every other install if you're doing a protective style.

  • Shedding is normal, our hair sheds 50-100 strands a day. If you have concerns please contact me.

  • Deep condition treatments are recommended every week to two weeks, this helps protect & rejuvenate your hair.

  • Oiling your scalp every other day lightly with an oil like Jamaican black castor, jojoba, grape seed oil etc will work wonders for your hair.

  • Sew in's can only be performed if the scalp is healthy. I cannot perform if you have open wounds, pustules, inflammation, fungus etc. This will result in a cancellation of appointment.

  • Sew in's are recommend to stay in between 6-12 weeks. It must be noted I do not take extensions out past 3 months. Also after the 3 month mark hair begins to enter a damaging stage. Rule of thumb the finer your hair the less time you'll be able to keep it in. Everyone's hair is different, please consult with me if you are unsure how this process works.

  • Maintenance is performed every 3-6 weeks up to 2 times ( 2 additional times if you're getting basic maintenance, closure or frontal maintenance. I do not perform maintenance on installs that weren't performed by me or installs that are too loose. Someone who keeps their hair in too long without proper maintenance will not be able to receive this service.

  • When booking color please book out 6-12 weeks if you haven't started a rejuvenation preparation process on your hair. You should give your hair the proper amount of time to build up strength. Deep conditions, protein treatments & masks are recommended before coming in for color. The more you do this in a timely manner the better your results will be. A consultation is required before booking.